Wednesday, 29 April 2009

lace scarf

My mom is an extraordinary person. When I was 9 or 10 I learned how to knit and first think I made was a scarf for my mom. It wasn't looking any good, was very simple and didn't come out straigth ;) But my mom have been wearing it for a long time so I would feel that it meant something to her.
Now when I can knit better I decided to make her a proper and beautiful scarf. I found the pattern on ravelry and I started to craft:
Od ravelry

Sunday, 26 April 2009

blue lace mittens

I finally can make lace patterns.
My first lace mittens were Ula's birthday present, so I can't post photos, but second pair I made are for me :)
I used yarn from european swap and pattern from the book I bought in empik (bookstore).
Lately, I started to knit while travelling to school (by bus or tram), so it takes me less time to craft and I don't get bored in a bus - an everybody wins situation ;) I wonder why more people doesn't do that. What's the point in sitting unproductively for half an hour if you can make something ?
Od ravelry

final product:
Od ravelry

Saturday, 25 April 2009

swap addict

I need to say that lately I became a swap addict. I participate in swaps on craftster and I am still finding some new and interesting ones.
Right now I send my items for House MD swap and Creative Constuction Kit swap, but they haven't reached their destination yet. That's because economic package from Poland goes by sea and it can take even 3 months;(
Still I can post photos of the swap I was in before - European swap. Here are the things edel sent me:
Monster - Mati said we should hang it on the wall to remind me of him when he's at work ;)

some knitting suplies

(I post this picture, because I used the blue mohair for mittens I'll post next time)
and many more stuff from edel:)
The thing I love the most from House swap is a tray:

Soon, I'll post more of swap items as well as my knitiing achievements.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Finally, I found a bit of time to post on my blog:)
Right now I'm preocupied with my master thesis, so blog reactivation won't be full.
I just wanted to post pictures of my work I'm the most proud of - orange shirt. I was sewing it for 3 days, so every detail is perfect - patern (grids) on the left side perfectly fits the right side, buttons are made from the same material, every stitch is precise.