Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Magic & Harry Potter

What can hapen if we combine those?
Of course big triangular shawl!
Od knitting
With two skeind of YarnArt Magic (and 5.5 needles) I made easy shawl, but it's for a guy so it is going to be used as a scarf. It took me five Harry Potter movies (we had HP night the other day), few hours of blocking.
Od knitting
Shawl is really soft and warm.
Od knitting

Monday, 1 November 2010

Lace Baby Alpaca

Hurray! I managed to blockthe shawl for my mom, so I have two Christmas presents ready :)
First, it's knitted from 1 skein of Baby Alpaca - the softest wool I ever seen and touched (also the most expensive, but worth every PLN). I used 2.5 needles and it was perfect. The pattern is Triangular leaf shawl from Ravelry.
The shawl is so bi it didn't fit the size of the picture ;)
Od knitting
Close-up on the lace pattern:
Od knitting
And finally the picture with whole shawl!
Od knitting
And some other:
Od knitting

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Turquoise shawl

Some time ago I wrote, that I have a plan to make all my family handmade Christmas presents. Here is the list:
Mom - Baby Alpaca shawl (done, I'll post pictures after blocking)
Aunt Ania - beige shawl
Bro - socks
Gem -
Zuzia - grey thin bolero
Grandpa - socks
Grandma - lacy scarf
Gem's side of the family:
Mom - shawl
Dad - socks
Grandpa - ?
Grandma - shawl (picts in this post)
Some of the friends:
Ula - beret ?
Kasia - bolero
Ignus - socks
I think that's all but you can never be sure. So much work to do...
But for now, today I blocked a turquoise shawl for my grandma-in law. It is very light, not so big, rather for warm days. The colour is what distinguish the shawl among others. Fabulous yarn from e-dziewiarka, needles 2.5 and here we are:
Od knitting
I made the pattern myself, therefore it's extremely simple ;) It was ment to be flowers on meadow. See any resemblance?
Od knitting
The actual size of the shawl:
Od knitting
Od knitting

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cable mittens

Today I finished mittens for Ilona. She wanted them for riding a bike. It can be really cold early in the morning, so I made it with wool (Hobby, no 782) bougth in my favourite on-line store. At first, I wasn't convienced to do it in such crazy pink, but Ilona picked this fuchsia yarn, and after making mittens I think they are quite interesting accessory. Let's give autumn some colour!
Od knitting
Od knitting
Od knitting
Cable pattern was based on THIS but, as usual, I made finger part not as wide as the wrist and palm part. I believe it gives the mittens better fit

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spinning on a spindle - update

I tried once again spinning with thiner stripe of wool and it work acceptable. I produced two small balls of yarn, and the twist of the thread is OK.
Od knitting
The only problem was it took me a lot of time... So I searched the internet and found out that the majority of hand spindles had a little hook at one end. My husband drilled one side of my spindle and screwed a hook. At first he put the hook at the wrong side of the spindle, but then, after I explained in details what is the hook for, he screw it once again. Interested, how this works. he observed me spin and had a brilliant idea. Before I say what it was, it's important to know that we both are engineers, and Mati has talent for DIY stuff. The ingenius idea was to use a drill :D i dont' have to spin the spindle myself, the drill does it for me. The only inconvenience is that the button starting the drill is not easily accessible at this position (picture below).
Od knitting
Summing up, I don't have a real spinning weel but drill is as good :) Technology FTW!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Spinning on a spindle - Attempt no.1

The wool arrived yesterday, and even after twelve hours at the university I was so excited to try to spindle that I read Fanaberia's post again, watched another tutorials from Meg TUTORIALS and started the production of my first yarn.
First, I split wool on two, four, eight parts, and all the floor was covered with soon-too-be yarn.
Od knitting
Then, after first really unsuccesful try (I won't even show the pictures) I split my wool on two once again. And, using on the great idea of Fanaberia to use kitchen accessory as a spindle, and after watching Meg's tutorial once again, I started spinning !
Od knitting
I must say I have a big problem with determining how tight the twist of the yarn should be. I either make it too loose or too tight. Mainly too tight, so this is the effect:
Od knitting
The yarn is a bit thick for me, I think I must prepare wool for spinnin more carrefully - it must be thiner and more even, so I think I will split it once more. I could use some advice on this matter :)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The next level

Few words defining some relationships:
She:"You never stand up to me"
He: "Because you'd never agree"
What more can you say ;)

Yesterday I decided to make something new, that I've never done before. Inspired by Fanaberia's post
post I bought some wool and as soon as I get it I'll try to make yarn out of it. I found great tutorial on youtube:
Further plans are to dye the yarn and make shawls - Christmass present for my in-laws.