Tuesday, 24 June 2008

feels like summer

Of course... What can I do instead of studying statistics? Post on my blog;)
This year I broke the curse of not-passing exam on my birthday (June, 17th):) But on the other hand many people forgot about it. I don't blame them, because 23 is not a very interesting number ;) That makes me think I entered the age when no one can say how old I am. If I wear shorts and a top I would look like 19, while when wearing high heels, elegant dress and make up - like 27...
Nevertheless, more optimistic was my last trip to Ustka with friends. Because of it I miss holiday even more. Finally I know what a real sea is - waves, wind, unreachable horizon, but also the feeling of freedom. I seek for this feeling for a long time , but since I left music school I find it only in walking on mountains. In music school it was the freedom of improvisation, confidence that whatever you sang/played would fit the rest of the team and sound well. In mountains, it's space and views that make me feel the great inner harmony. I think I could find it also in riding a motorbike or racing a car, but I've never had the opportunity to do so. What I'm seeking for is the feeling of the confidence of an expert doing well his job, of a scientist discovering new ideas, of a man risking his life to move the boundries, of a person who feels true connection with nature.I hope you understand...
Continueing this reflexive mood, the view that took my breath away was year ago in Lechu's mountain house. There was full moon and cloudless sky. The moon was shining so bright that one could have read a book. Trees seen on the horizon were black and their shape was ligted by the moon. My description is poor, the landcape was truely like from a picture. I'll never forget it.
my favourite photo from Ustka - me and my girls :) It was windy and cold so we hugged to keep ourselves warm :)

Sunday, 15 June 2008

music again

As many of you know I love certain singing women:)
At first position, for many years, has been Tori Amos. With her touching personal lyrics and piano improvisations she is totally queen of my heart. Second position has, also undeniably, Bjork. Her scale of ideas what can be done with voice and instruments continously amezes me. To be honest, I can listen to one song ten times and still not feel bored. Right now I'm enchanted by song "Earth intruders" from "Volta". Truely, I didn't expect that cooperation beetwen Timbaland and Bjork can be so fruitful.
I learned how to put films from youtube on blog, so I do :

On Tuesday I'll post some pictures of my new earrings, I learned something new, so it's worth waiting.
Right now I need to study for the exam I have tomorrow. Wish me luck :)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

new earrings

Finally I made photos of my animal earrings:
first - kitten
(whisks are made of special wire)

piggy earrings - inspired by Gucio, who was always drawing pigs in my notebook, especially during dull lectures ;)

And not animal, but also based on wire hoop - spiral hypnotic earring. Unfortunately I couldn't find proper background for them ...

If you watched Futurama these earring should remind you Hypnotoad :D "All hail the Hypnotoad" :D

And now for something completely different. Recently I felt in love with this song:

It's great for dancing. In fact I first heard "Ramalama" in Polish edition of YCD...

Friday, 13 June 2008

There were few days of silence...
I needed to digest the new situation, calm stochastic shit emotions...
And now is almost OK. I didn't allow the guy to write 2 in my index, I'll delay it till September ;)
Lately I often listen to the 3rd programm of Polish Radio (God bless mobiles with radio). It plays really relaxing music, and of different kind that other stations. I'm fed up with easy music with stupid lyrics, that no one would listen to if they were sung in Polish, or at least they would be considered dicso-polo style. On the other hand I had great time walking the mountains (Polish Tatry) singing Rihanna (umbrella - I truly hate this song but it's so mindraping that you can't free from it). In fact any song with a bit march rhythm could do the trick, but it happened to be Rihanna at the time... That's why I listen to different radio station to have some more reasonable mountain song as I go to Tatry in 3 weeks time;)
Last time I posted some of the things I want to make, that I have ideas of them in my mind. I am working on them little by little, and be sure I'll post some of them in
few days time.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

crafty planns

I need to write my concepts down, because otherwise I'll forget them:
- kitten earrings (in production)
- series of magic symbols earrings (on hoops, I'll start with plains)
- neclace (with bigger sunflower on the front)
- biohazard earrings
- black neclace, lace-like
- blue big swirl earrings
- yellow big swirl earrings
- piggy earrings
- recycled spiral earrings from blue plastic

virginity of a student...

My index is going to lose virginity:| I've never had 2 written in this little book, and tomorrow, it is inevitable, it will happen... even two of this 2s... of course stochastic shit and statistics. What possesed me to take these subjects!
The good news is that I'm almost sure I found mistake (fundamental one) in an article published in mathematics periodical. The article, I think is incorrect, is connected with the subject of my thesis, so if I can proof it's wrong, or better, I can propose theory how to fix it, I'll have good basics to apply for PhD...
And the other good news is that package from qnszt( shop with jewelry assortment) arrived and I can make more proscious :D

Monday, 9 June 2008

women in science

The reason I added this site to my links is that I want to be a scientist, and I know women in this field don't have easy life. Unfortunately it's still hard for a woman to prove her skill in certain discipline, especially mathematics or physics. In fact after struggling with this stochastic integral I was near to loose faith in my mathematical abilities, because how hard can it be to learn one theory, few notebook pages?! Believe or not, it can...
I have a theory that every person has some special skill: for one it can be ability to learn foreign languages, for the other easiness to meet new people, or maybe moving his/her ears ;). My special skill is talent in mathematics, in some fields - especially the ones you can approach geometrically, but surely not the ones tightly connected with probability. That's why I applied for a summer practice in Polish Academy of Science, and I'm going to work there on the project connected with differential equations and numerical methods.
Going back to these women in science maybe the other reason there is so little of them is that women are more likely to stay with their families, to hold them together, instead of walking the path of their own ambitions.
I don't know what I'll do in few years time, but I hope that 4-5 years from now I'll have PhD in mathematics or fluid mechanics... Keep fingers crossed :)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

girls day :)

Yesterday was terrific!
Good company (Kasia, Ula) reasonably good wine ;) , two parts of "Dirty Dancing", beach, shining sun... What more could one want? To repeat such day!
Yesterday I took some pictures of my latest works. There is a bit of them beause I can't sit still while watching TV, I need to do something with my hands ;)
First are radioactive earrings, that Ula felt in love with. I was so angry and upset by this stochastic shit that I didn't want to make something beautiful but standing out. It is quite possible that, with the corner of my eye, I saw this radioactive sign from Fallout 2, my hubby was playing. And then at least I learned how to connect crochet earrings with the wire hoops.

action shot:

On the margin, I hadn't known that picassa photo editor has so many options with bluring, sharpening and other.

Now my usual boredom killers. These mobile charms are so little and quick to make I produce tones of them...

The green ones are for my mom, she wanted something witg green and gold, so she'll like them.

And one more craft today - black earrings with gold beads and earwire. I particulary like thit picture.

That would be it. Going back to the real life, postal services are protesting now and I can't send Edek her package :(

Saturday, 7 June 2008

there always has to be the first time

Finally, it happened that I'm going to take a repeat exam in September... The teacher of my beloved subject (stochastic integral, of course) made the yesterday's test so hard that you had only two choices: to cheat or to fail the test, and as I can't cheat the answer is obvious...
And also yesterday, a funny situation, I met my promotor in the shop, buying beer. I hadn't notice him for the first, as I was busy with choosing my own beer ;)
To little cheering up - picture of my lovely cat trying to set up relations with my mom's turtle...

the cat is hiding from the terrifying danger

the stupidest face of the cat:

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

no crafts today

But on the other hand it was a pretty good day.
Finally! I got the books I'm gonna base my thesis on. I've been waiting for them for 3 weeks and at least they arrive so I can start working :)
Another encouraging news is my year-ending test results in Bell School - I get 65% (Comparing to lately achieved 57% it is a progress :D ) so there is a hope that if I take the CPE test next year I can pass.
And the best thing today were STRAWBERRIES :D:D:D I love them, and I find a year without me properly stuffed with strawberries not worth a penny ;) So I'm gonna feed myself with it till I can!
I'll try to put some pictures of recently made stuff at the end of the week, since I have to study for my test from stochastic integral (blaaah )

Sunday, 1 June 2008

my cat is crazy

OK.. I couldn't stop myself from posting it...
My cat did many weird things, but lately he is reaching his pick... He loves to be watered (like a flower) and he thinks he is chives. (And I was wondering why it doesn't grow properly) ;)

two skirts

Today will be about sewing...
With Zuzia's skirt everything started from our attempt to find nice summer skirt for less than 100 zł...We had big problems with it, we went to few well known shops and everything worth seeing costed 140 zł. So we went to fabric store and bought piece of fabric that Zuzia liked. Then she found summer skirt pattern in my collection of Burda magazines and here it is:

The pattern I used was meant for rather thinner materials, but I think that the one I used (cotton) is also OK.

The second skirt is for Edek, who is now in England far from home and friends :D I wanted to cheer her up a little by sending her a package.
Fabric for this skirt was chosen long time ago, but I was always busy and totally forgot about it. Few weeks ago I found it in my drawer and decided to finally change it into a skirt. For this one I also found pattern in Burda magazine. Comparing to Zuzia's this one is more complicated and perfect fitting is important. Edek has different size than me and that's why I couldn't take proper pictures. They don't exactly show how the dress should look on a real person...
Here are some "the skirt is born" pictures:
sewing in progress

lining as well as the skirt must be ironed properly...

the skirt itself
(this style is really flattering for girls with small butts, it's a little bit mermaid tail-shaped)