Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spinning on a spindle - update

I tried once again spinning with thiner stripe of wool and it work acceptable. I produced two small balls of yarn, and the twist of the thread is OK.
Od knitting
The only problem was it took me a lot of time... So I searched the internet and found out that the majority of hand spindles had a little hook at one end. My husband drilled one side of my spindle and screwed a hook. At first he put the hook at the wrong side of the spindle, but then, after I explained in details what is the hook for, he screw it once again. Interested, how this works. he observed me spin and had a brilliant idea. Before I say what it was, it's important to know that we both are engineers, and Mati has talent for DIY stuff. The ingenius idea was to use a drill :D i dont' have to spin the spindle myself, the drill does it for me. The only inconvenience is that the button starting the drill is not easily accessible at this position (picture below).
Od knitting
Summing up, I don't have a real spinning weel but drill is as good :) Technology FTW!

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