Sunday, 31 October 2010

Turquoise shawl

Some time ago I wrote, that I have a plan to make all my family handmade Christmas presents. Here is the list:
Mom - Baby Alpaca shawl (done, I'll post pictures after blocking)
Aunt Ania - beige shawl
Bro - socks
Gem -
Zuzia - grey thin bolero
Grandpa - socks
Grandma - lacy scarf
Gem's side of the family:
Mom - shawl
Dad - socks
Grandpa - ?
Grandma - shawl (picts in this post)
Some of the friends:
Ula - beret ?
Kasia - bolero
Ignus - socks
I think that's all but you can never be sure. So much work to do...
But for now, today I blocked a turquoise shawl for my grandma-in law. It is very light, not so big, rather for warm days. The colour is what distinguish the shawl among others. Fabulous yarn from e-dziewiarka, needles 2.5 and here we are:
Od knitting
I made the pattern myself, therefore it's extremely simple ;) It was ment to be flowers on meadow. See any resemblance?
Od knitting
The actual size of the shawl:
Od knitting
Od knitting

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