Friday, 15 October 2010

Spinning on a spindle - Attempt no.1

The wool arrived yesterday, and even after twelve hours at the university I was so excited to try to spindle that I read Fanaberia's post again, watched another tutorials from Meg TUTORIALS and started the production of my first yarn.
First, I split wool on two, four, eight parts, and all the floor was covered with soon-too-be yarn.
Od knitting
Then, after first really unsuccesful try (I won't even show the pictures) I split my wool on two once again. And, using on the great idea of Fanaberia to use kitchen accessory as a spindle, and after watching Meg's tutorial once again, I started spinning !
Od knitting
I must say I have a big problem with determining how tight the twist of the yarn should be. I either make it too loose or too tight. Mainly too tight, so this is the effect:
Od knitting
The yarn is a bit thick for me, I think I must prepare wool for spinnin more carrefully - it must be thiner and more even, so I think I will split it once more. I could use some advice on this matter :)

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