Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Reactivation (hopefully)

So much time not writing on my blog...
Today I wanted to show stuff I've been working on lately, but before that I'd like to show a shawl I barely go out without.
I bougth fabulous "Magic" by Yarn Art on e-dziewiarka.pl - multicolor wool, easy to work with and fast to give results. First I made myself a shawl. Nothing hard and complicated, because transition of colours of the wool is enough for a decorative element.Then, when my friend saw it, she wanted to have one but bigger. So second "Magic" shawl was given to Lucha as a birthday present. I'm workin on the third one for her fiance ;)
Od knitting

Od knitting

I recently work on few things:
1. Socks for Zuzia
One sock is ready, second on its way. This is the first pair of socks I knit from cotton yarn and I think it's a bit stiff. I hope it gets better after washing.
Od knitting

2. Read cardigan - for me
Decided to have enough knitting experience , I started red cardigan of my own design. We will see what comes out... Here is the main part of cardigan's body with armpit holes.
Od knitting

3.Shawl for Mom
I have a plan to give every member of my family something handmade for Christmas, so I started on September to finish all the shawls, socks and other creations.
Here is a shawl for my mom (made from Baby Alpaca, needles 2.5) still in production phase:
Od knitting

After blocking the lace pattern shoul look like this
Od knitting

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Fiubzdziu said...

już myślałam, że zarzuciłaś pisanie na blogu :] Witaj znów!
Sweterek zapowiada się bardzo pozytywnie :]