Friday, 13 June 2008

There were few days of silence...
I needed to digest the new situation, calm stochastic shit emotions...
And now is almost OK. I didn't allow the guy to write 2 in my index, I'll delay it till September ;)
Lately I often listen to the 3rd programm of Polish Radio (God bless mobiles with radio). It plays really relaxing music, and of different kind that other stations. I'm fed up with easy music with stupid lyrics, that no one would listen to if they were sung in Polish, or at least they would be considered dicso-polo style. On the other hand I had great time walking the mountains (Polish Tatry) singing Rihanna (umbrella - I truly hate this song but it's so mindraping that you can't free from it). In fact any song with a bit march rhythm could do the trick, but it happened to be Rihanna at the time... That's why I listen to different radio station to have some more reasonable mountain song as I go to Tatry in 3 weeks time;)
Last time I posted some of the things I want to make, that I have ideas of them in my mind. I am working on them little by little, and be sure I'll post some of them in
few days time.

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