Monday, 9 June 2008

women in science

The reason I added this site to my links is that I want to be a scientist, and I know women in this field don't have easy life. Unfortunately it's still hard for a woman to prove her skill in certain discipline, especially mathematics or physics. In fact after struggling with this stochastic integral I was near to loose faith in my mathematical abilities, because how hard can it be to learn one theory, few notebook pages?! Believe or not, it can...
I have a theory that every person has some special skill: for one it can be ability to learn foreign languages, for the other easiness to meet new people, or maybe moving his/her ears ;). My special skill is talent in mathematics, in some fields - especially the ones you can approach geometrically, but surely not the ones tightly connected with probability. That's why I applied for a summer practice in Polish Academy of Science, and I'm going to work there on the project connected with differential equations and numerical methods.
Going back to these women in science maybe the other reason there is so little of them is that women are more likely to stay with their families, to hold them together, instead of walking the path of their own ambitions.
I don't know what I'll do in few years time, but I hope that 4-5 years from now I'll have PhD in mathematics or fluid mechanics... Keep fingers crossed :)

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