Sunday, 1 June 2008

two skirts

Today will be about sewing...
With Zuzia's skirt everything started from our attempt to find nice summer skirt for less than 100 zł...We had big problems with it, we went to few well known shops and everything worth seeing costed 140 zł. So we went to fabric store and bought piece of fabric that Zuzia liked. Then she found summer skirt pattern in my collection of Burda magazines and here it is:

The pattern I used was meant for rather thinner materials, but I think that the one I used (cotton) is also OK.

The second skirt is for Edek, who is now in England far from home and friends :D I wanted to cheer her up a little by sending her a package.
Fabric for this skirt was chosen long time ago, but I was always busy and totally forgot about it. Few weeks ago I found it in my drawer and decided to finally change it into a skirt. For this one I also found pattern in Burda magazine. Comparing to Zuzia's this one is more complicated and perfect fitting is important. Edek has different size than me and that's why I couldn't take proper pictures. They don't exactly show how the dress should look on a real person...
Here are some "the skirt is born" pictures:
sewing in progress

lining as well as the skirt must be ironed properly...

the skirt itself
(this style is really flattering for girls with small butts, it's a little bit mermaid tail-shaped)

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