Sunday, 8 June 2008

girls day :)

Yesterday was terrific!
Good company (Kasia, Ula) reasonably good wine ;) , two parts of "Dirty Dancing", beach, shining sun... What more could one want? To repeat such day!
Yesterday I took some pictures of my latest works. There is a bit of them beause I can't sit still while watching TV, I need to do something with my hands ;)
First are radioactive earrings, that Ula felt in love with. I was so angry and upset by this stochastic shit that I didn't want to make something beautiful but standing out. It is quite possible that, with the corner of my eye, I saw this radioactive sign from Fallout 2, my hubby was playing. And then at least I learned how to connect crochet earrings with the wire hoops.

action shot:

On the margin, I hadn't known that picassa photo editor has so many options with bluring, sharpening and other.

Now my usual boredom killers. These mobile charms are so little and quick to make I produce tones of them...

The green ones are for my mom, she wanted something witg green and gold, so she'll like them.

And one more craft today - black earrings with gold beads and earwire. I particulary like thit picture.

That would be it. Going back to the real life, postal services are protesting now and I can't send Edek her package :(

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ignus said...

fallout2 inspired earrings :) great!