Tuesday, 24 June 2008

feels like summer

Of course... What can I do instead of studying statistics? Post on my blog;)
This year I broke the curse of not-passing exam on my birthday (June, 17th):) But on the other hand many people forgot about it. I don't blame them, because 23 is not a very interesting number ;) That makes me think I entered the age when no one can say how old I am. If I wear shorts and a top I would look like 19, while when wearing high heels, elegant dress and make up - like 27...
Nevertheless, more optimistic was my last trip to Ustka with friends. Because of it I miss holiday even more. Finally I know what a real sea is - waves, wind, unreachable horizon, but also the feeling of freedom. I seek for this feeling for a long time , but since I left music school I find it only in walking on mountains. In music school it was the freedom of improvisation, confidence that whatever you sang/played would fit the rest of the team and sound well. In mountains, it's space and views that make me feel the great inner harmony. I think I could find it also in riding a motorbike or racing a car, but I've never had the opportunity to do so. What I'm seeking for is the feeling of the confidence of an expert doing well his job, of a scientist discovering new ideas, of a man risking his life to move the boundries, of a person who feels true connection with nature.I hope you understand...
Continueing this reflexive mood, the view that took my breath away was year ago in Lechu's mountain house. There was full moon and cloudless sky. The moon was shining so bright that one could have read a book. Trees seen on the horizon were black and their shape was ligted by the moon. My description is poor, the landcape was truely like from a picture. I'll never forget it.
my favourite photo from Ustka - me and my girls :) It was windy and cold so we hugged to keep ourselves warm :)

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