Tuesday, 3 June 2008

no crafts today

But on the other hand it was a pretty good day.
Finally! I got the books I'm gonna base my thesis on. I've been waiting for them for 3 weeks and at least they arrive so I can start working :)
Another encouraging news is my year-ending test results in Bell School - I get 65% (Comparing to lately achieved 57% it is a progress :D ) so there is a hope that if I take the CPE test next year I can pass.
And the best thing today were STRAWBERRIES :D:D:D I love them, and I find a year without me properly stuffed with strawberries not worth a penny ;) So I'm gonna feed myself with it till I can!
I'll try to put some pictures of recently made stuff at the end of the week, since I have to study for my test from stochastic integral (blaaah )

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ignus said...

gema fan army wishes you good luck with that integral shit.