Sunday, 15 June 2008

music again

As many of you know I love certain singing women:)
At first position, for many years, has been Tori Amos. With her touching personal lyrics and piano improvisations she is totally queen of my heart. Second position has, also undeniably, Bjork. Her scale of ideas what can be done with voice and instruments continously amezes me. To be honest, I can listen to one song ten times and still not feel bored. Right now I'm enchanted by song "Earth intruders" from "Volta". Truely, I didn't expect that cooperation beetwen Timbaland and Bjork can be so fruitful.
I learned how to put films from youtube on blog, so I do :

On Tuesday I'll post some pictures of my new earrings, I learned something new, so it's worth waiting.
Right now I need to study for the exam I have tomorrow. Wish me luck :)

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